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More than 700 Electronics & Communication Engineers are nurtured & deployed in society

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More than 700 professionals in their fields are contributing to the nation.

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is committed towards providing quality education in its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Bachelor programme (B.Tech) in Electronics & Communication Engineering started in 2000. PG programme in Electronics & Communication Engineering started in 2006 with specialization in Digital Communication.

The Department has highly qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Analog and digital electronics, Embedded systems, Data Communications & Networking, Mobile and Wireless communications, High Speed Networks, Optical Networks and VLSI.



Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

M.D. Samantha Willis

Medical Doctor Pediatry

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Ph.D. Phillip Sudders

Chief of Surgery

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Dr. Katherine Field

Chief of Oncology

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PhD. Mary Simons

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our Ideologies

The core focus of our Department

Ethical Standards

The ethical standards of engineering profession represents a vision of professional practice. It includes acceptance, compassion, interest and insights for development. It is a collective vision of professionalism that guides the daily practices and achievements in career.

Innovative field

The new technological advances increases the possibilities for research and development that are becoming more exciting and innovating each day. It offers stimulating, challenging, cutting-edge careers that are excellent fro the budding professionals.

Technological advancements

Technologies has completely changed our world with less hard work and more production everyday with the continuous increase in trends. It opens millions of opportunities to entertain and experience the world.


We seek to attract and motivate students with enthusiasm and interest in diversified fields so that they can pursue excellence e in research and technology transfer. We also aim to maintain high standard of education for the society.


We are targeted towards meeting or exceeding the expectations of the students by holding large business projects and making innovative contributions that can make positive impact on the society and the world.


The field is expanding its traditional boundaries. So, we are focusing in providing great opportunities to the do that students can explore and expand their skills and knowledge by driving force of innovation, Development and manufacturing in country.


What Alumni Say About Us

I have my graduation years in this college, and with great pride, I could say that the college looks for the betterment of the students. The EC department has its good mix of young and experienced faculties who have helped us sailed through the tough semesters. They are proved as dynamic personalities.

Megha Falor
Client Service Specialist
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.Switzerland

I chose to study at Arya College of Engineering and IT because it offers the unique combination of Technology based Education and Industrial Training. This four year composite Bachelor Degree has given me deep insight into the extremely influential parts of modern-day society related to technological advancements.

Aashish Agarwal
Project Manager

Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at Arya College is a great place to inaugurate your college dreams with a learning atmosphere suitable for new inquisitive undergraduates. What I mostly adored in my stay at the department for the last four years is the culture of promoting self-learning.

ajay kumarajay kumar
Ajay Kumar
Assistant Manager