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Our Strategy for Success

Providing one of the best technical experiences with dedication to best engineers or mechanics

Success in engineering profession can be achieved with great regards to honesty, as the engineering activities directly impact the lives of many people. It has become important to seek and accept following principles in entire engineering career.


With great range of knowledge and skill, engineers produce systems that are safe and reliable to operate. It ensures the safety of personnel, protect the environment, provide wide variety of industrial opportunity to the individual.


The core responsibility of an engineer is to balance the various parts of software system being designed and implemented. Due to increase in consistency, quality management and time-based competition have reached to the highest peak in this industry.

Ideas for Innovations

In a dynamic world, the well-being and prosperity of an individual depends n the ability to innovate and create new designs and ideas, as innovation is the key driver for the successful career of an engineer.

Commitment to Community

Engineers work for their community or society. It has become important for them to survive in the ever changing environment and make available all the resources and technologies with greater benefits.

Technical abilities

It is a highly potential and professional career that focuses on the learning of skills and knowledge that is required to foot head in the industry. It helps in the working on strength and weakness by gaining practical experiences and experiments.


To provide quality education in order to develop outstanding technocrats and researchers with novel ideas for innovations to congregate social and industrial expectations through entrepreneurship and advanced research.


To establish a center for quality education and excellence to develop and deliver quality academic programmes with high professionals and ethical standards to empower the nation with skills and knowledge.


To prepare students with an edge which allows them to create inventions, design solutions and start business to resolve global problems. We believe in learning through integrity, honest and sovereignty.

Leading the future of professionals through education system

More than 700 Electronics & Communication Engineers are nurtured & deployed in society

What Our Alumni Says About Us

I have my graduation years in this college, and with great pride, I could say that the college looks for the betterment of the students. The EC department has its good mix of young and experienced faculties who have helped us sailed through the tough semesters. They are proved as dynamic personalities.

Megha Falor Client Service Specialist Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.Switzerland

I chose to study at Arya College of Engineering and IT because it offers the unique combination of Technology based Education and Industrial Training. This four year composite Bachelor Degree has given me deep insight into the extremely influential parts of modern-day society related to technological advancements.

Aashish Agarwal Project Manager Accenture

Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at Arya College is a great place to inaugurate your college dreams with a learning atmosphere suitable for new inquisitive undergraduates. What I mostly adored in my stay at the department for the last four years is the culture of promoting self-learning.

ajay kumar
Ajay Kumar Assistant Manager Vodafone